Our Definition Is Simple… We are here to serve you.


We believe that if we put the customer’s interest first, all parties will be rewarded. We recognize that the demands of the aviation business are not always at the most convenient times. We will be available every day of the week to serve you.

Torell Aviation Insurance Agency, TAI, is our dream after more than 30 years of serving the industry and recognizing customers’ needs and frustrations. Our goal and mission is to deliver the best price and value for your premium dollar, always. Our intended course of action is to create lifelong clients by delivering the service and value you should expect from us and the relationships we develop together with our Underwriting partners meeting your needs.

  • Our Scope of Services:
  • Insurance Market review.
  • Analysis of risk retention and transfer of risk to insurance products.
  • Policy placement and servicing.
  • Claims Advocacy.
  • Affiliate Partner Referrals to help with SMS development and ISBAO Certification, Emergency Response Training and Expert Legal Counsel including Aircraft Acquisition, Contracts and Litigation.